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Finga - Split ply - bricks mix 2

Price - €28 | $33

Do you wanna own a deck nobody else has? So this one is perfect for you!

This masterpiece is 100% original! The bottom ply of this board was put together by hands from several little pieces of color plies, what makes the decks unique. It was made only ONE board like this one.

The New shape is lower, suitable for beginners, also for advanced riders and has bigger nose than tail like on skateboards. 33 mm width gives you much more control of your board while flipping. New Finga SLIM is much lighter, thinner and flexible than the previous generations and it gives you a chance to perform better with this deck!

The deck is made from 5 plies in special combination of Czech and American veneers. The new Finga SLIM deck is characterized by precise hand-made surface sanding and perfect finishing. Well lacquered surface support resistance of the deck. Holes for trucks are perfectly drilled and compatible for all kinds of trucks.

Package includes a Finga deck SLIM Split ply edition and a sheet of tape.

Handmade in Czech republic.

Complete - Bird 33 mm

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