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Complete - Pizza green 33 mm

Price - €45 | $55

Complete Design board with bearing wheels for great price!

Complete setup with 33 mm graphic board for a great price. Solid Axle trucks with lock nuts, teflon bushings which offer a possibility of tilting trucks and bearing wheels which support smooth ride are matter of course.

Package includes:

1x Finga deck Design edition 33 mm width

1x Solid Axle trucks (including 8 screws and 6 nuts) - color of your choice

1x tool

1x set of bearing wheels (4 pcs)  - color of your choice

1x BC Foam Tape


Delivered dismounted.

It is possible to assemble the fingerboard for free on request (in orderform notice).

Handmade in Czech republic.

Fingerboard Death Match 2

15th August 2020 in Brandýs nad Labem, CZ!

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