Mystic SK8 Cup 2018

29.6. do 1.7.2018 Štvanice island in Prague!

We are very glad to be a part of legendary Mystic SK8 Cup in Prague and represent fingerboarding in the best possible way to the wide public!

There will be big fingerboard park as a replica of the real Štvanice skatepark, big bowl and small park for the smallest who want to try out fbing for the first time. Riders from Finga and Big Construction team will be there teaching fingerboarding.

You can watch top world skateboarding the whole day - boys and girls, both street and crazy bowl, concerts of all kinds of music at the evening and DJs till the other morning, all this for 3 days starting from 29.6. to 1.7.2018 at Štvanice island in Prague Czech republic.

See you at our red tent in relax zone!

Ytrucks X5 - Chrome/blue

Dan Bertelsen

welcome to the team!

The last complete fingerboards

for nice €29 or $36!

15% off on everything

from 10th to 16th September 2018

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