15% off on everything

from 10th to 16th September 2018

I bought my first Tech Deck exactly 11.9.2003, it is 15 years ago! Actually I started a few months earlier with skateboard key chain without grip tpe and since then I am still fingerboarding till today without any stopping. I still do it and love it. I love it mostly because of you, the whole fingerboard scene, the creativity hidden in fingerboarding, great people and experiences I would not probably have had without fingerboarding.

So I celebrate my 15 years anyversary and you can celebrate with me using 15% off on everything what you can find on our e-shop! This sale applies only from 10th to 16th September 2018.

The discount will be applied in my confirmation email after you place the order.

Thanks everybody!

Petr Ptáček

Complete - minilogo 31mm

New Wildwood

four new unique pieces available now!

Graphics collection "Horror fingers"

from Lukáš Hutter!

Dan Bertelsen

welcome to the team!

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